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Add Yammer group members

Hello, lots of organization using Sharepoint lists as registers of users which have completed some actions (i.e training, onboarding etc). It would be great to have an Action for Yammer to allow to Add members of yammer group based on SPO List items created. 


Use case: I have sharepoint list to which some training system adding users which completed onboarding and I want Flow to add them to specific yammer group as soon as they appear in list so that they can recieve updates etc. 



Status: New
Advocate I

Or by a list in an Excel on a OneDrive for example.

New Member

I am interested if someone is added to a Yammer group, adding them to an Outlook group. Or kicking off an event. This functionality would be helpful and would help us elimincate some manual work

Advocate II

I have the exact same setup as originally described. A users that have completed training list in ShP and the need to update a Yammer group with the same names. We are already using PowerApps for delivering the test to the users, that in turn kicks off a flow to update SharePoint. We are therefore hands-off and it would have been very nice for the same flow to be able to add the user in Yammer. 

New Member

Has anyone found a solution to this? I am after the same (from SP list to Yammer group) and would be nice to also add to O365 group at same time (both internal users and guests). Anyone?