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Add a Comment to Azure DevOps Work Item



I was wondering if it were possible to add an Action that allows us to Comment on an Azure DevOps Work Item. 


For example, I have created a flow that utilizes Outlook and Azure DevOps as an automated ticketing system for internal requests. When an email enters a certain inbox, Power Automate will grab it and either create a new Issue work item and send out a new email thread with the DevOps item ticket # OR it will use the work item # within the email subject to find and update the work item. The update basically wipes the original item description and replaces it with the entire updated email thread, based upon the most recent response. This is a workaround because we have been unable to find an Action that will allow us to automatically comment in the Discussion field of a work item. 


Is there an existing option to do so that we are not seeing? If not, is it possible to have this action created? 

Status: New