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Add a 'Do If' conditional step

Only proceed if the condition(s) are met. Otherwise end. No need for a 'Yes' and 'No' path. 


Would be a nicer UX because everything wouldn't become a 'child' of the conditional step. 

Status: New
Advocate IV

... or be able to test the outcome value that trigger Run-After conditional action as an explicit IF-THEN-ELSE condition supporting one or more conditional step outcomes.


Conditional Run-After doesn't seem to be able to cope with handling "Success" from multiple prior steps where only one of  the logic paths will be followed, e.g.


IF OR(Path1.Success, Path2.Success, Path3.Success)

THEN DO ... success action

ELSE DO ... failed action


Regular Visitor

There's a Terminate action in the Control group of actions. Put that in the "If no" path of the Condition. Leave the "if yes" path empty and just continue your flow outside of the condition.

Advocate I

Thanks @isti, I'm aware that what I'm asking for already exists from a technological standpoint, but I'm simply looking for something that would provide a better UX ("Would be a nicer UX because everything wouldn't become a 'child' of the conditional step.")

Regular Visitor

Hey @KevinDocuSign , I only put terminate action in the conditional step, the Condition step ends and the flow itself continues on top level outside of the Condition, this way the entire flow doesn't become a "child" branch.

Advocate I

Hi @isti, oh I see what you're saying! That's very interesting approach to it! 


So it would look like this? 



That's a clever workaround!! Thank you 😁