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Add a parallel action after adding next of parallel

I want to add a parallel action after adding next parallel.

Currently, When exists a action below parallel actions, A new action of same level with parallel does NOT connect to below action.



Not connect 3rd parallel branch to next action after parallel





I hope to adding a new parallel action and connecting the below action.



Yoshihiro Kawabata

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Agreed. It would seem logical that if you use the button to add a new parallel branch that it should join up with the rest of the branches at the common exit point. Having to delete all subsequent actions just to be able to add a new branch is a pain and is effectively forcing you to have to think through all branches before committing to designing the Flow and clearly makes responding to changes of requirements nearly impossible.


What is the state of this request? As a BPM PM, this isnt an augment request. It's a serious design gap. The assumption if you branch is that a fork will integrate back into the main stream of the flow, unless the user explicitly wants it to retain its position as an unconvergence permanent fork. Thnx

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Please can this be looked at^^^^^^


This needs to be looked at. it is a major pain point for complex flows


I also struggled with this, but played around a bit and hit upon a workaround. What you do is select the "Send an email - After all" and copy to clipboard. Then, at the bottom of the workflow, select "+New Step" to create a new action. In the "Choose an action" select "My clipboard" and post the "Send an email - After all.". When it generates the new item, it will rejoin all of the items above it back into the main branch. Then you delete the original "Send an email - After all" and it will retie everything together the way you wanted it. A pain, yes. But this should work for you. 頑張ってください。workaround.jpg


Hi Team 

This will be a very useful to have this feature. I have come across with the same limitation 

Resolver I

So, basically you have NO choice to extend a parallel branch.

The workaround presented by @gmellis1 is not applicable to me because is not just a single step after, but a lot of steps... so I need a way to quickly fix my flow. 

How this is not added yet since 2017?... no one extend a flow with a parallel branch? 😞