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Add a "event series deletion" or "event series ID" to outlook and O365


I have successfully created a flow to Create, Modify, and Delete events on an outlook calendar when they are created, modified, or deleted on my O365 calendar. (I need this at the O365 uses SSO with MFA and I cannot link that into an android calendar for it to push through to my smart watch) 

So it works. With a few glitches. 
If I move an event to a different day, instead of an event modification, it pulls it in as a singe event creation. So the new event is created, but the "old" event is not removed. Frustrating, but okay. 

The largest issue however is if I try and delete an entire series of events. This is when the flow fails. 

Apparently when a series is removed, O365 uses a different identifier for the event series, than it does for the individual events. 
And instead of deleting each event in the series systematically, it uses this "group ID" to delete all of them at the same time. 

This ID is not (from what I can find) displayed in the "get events" return, nor does it seem to be a field I can pull up front. 

If it was pushed with the original event, I could add the event ID and the series ID's to the body of the coppied event, and then search for those id's when doing updates and deletions (which is what I am currently doing and works well.. except for the fact that I do not know the "series ID" ) 

Can we please have the series ID be a field we can use to set variables? 
Or is it alreay there and I am just blind as a bat? 

Thank you, 





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Nevermind. I am just blind. "Series Master ID" was just much further down in the list.