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Add a toggle switch to each step to turn it off for debugging and testing

I know there are similar items that have previously been posted, but I wanted to create a new item for visibility and to add a bit more "flavor" to the discussion. One similar previous post can be found here:


Comment out items - Power Platform Community (


One of the biggest challenges in testing flows is the ability to turn off individual steps. Using an if statement or run after during the step to configure whether or not a step runs is not sufficient. Similarly, using Power Automate desktop is not a good answer either. 


When I'm writing a script in PowerShell, I can easily comment out individual lines of code so that I can test and debug without deleting the original line. By simply adding a # to the start of the line I can quickly remove or re-add a line. There should be a toggle switch on the name bar for each step (or at least in the context menu) so steps can be disabled. This is a huge oversight in the UI, and it shouldn't require a workaround. Commenting out code is a critical requirement for testing and debugging in a normal code editor, so it should be an option in Power Automate (and Logic Apps as well...)

Status: New