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Add a trigger to an existing flow

Recently I created a flow and wanted to make it recur at a certain time, but I was told I cannot add the Recurrance trigger to an existing flow, the only way is start over (related post). 

This is my first time heard of such kind of restriction, which sounds ridiculous, compare with all the various kinds of connectors, powerful expressions, adding a recurring schedule sounds like a very basic function, and I was a little bit shocked it's not supported.

From a new user's perspective, I have no idea where to setup the schedule, I was even thinking it must be outside of the flow editor and can be set as some configuration, just like the scheduled tasks in Windows... And when I tried to add the first action in Flow editor, there was no prompt ask me "Do you want add a trigger first? There is no chance to add it later, and your flow will be executed once per minute"... Now I was told I have to rebuild the flow which I spent 2 hours from scratch just to set a simple schedule, I really feel upset. Flow failed to empower me to achieve more this time.

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swapping out triggers:  delete the existing trigger first, and then you should be prompted to add a new trigger.  you are likely going to have to modify actions which reference data from the trigger first.  change them to dummy string or numerical values while you complete this task:


modifying schedules:  if you click on the trigger, it will expand and allow you to change the recurrence interval