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Add ability to load dynamic content in Power Query

It would great if "Transform data using Power Query" could accept as an input dynamic content output from a previous step, i.e. turn a value from earlier in a flow into a variable we could inject in the M code / SQL query.

Status: New
Advocate IV

I support his idea.

even knowing we can filter afterwards, it would simplify Some flows using one single transformer power query We the provided parameter, instead of creating one for scenario.

another big advantage, so much more Easy  to filter on transformer Power query Instead filtering filter array.


Regular Visitor

I believe Power Automate and Power Query are two Microsoft products with great (proven) possibilities. It still is holding back a whole lot of potential, because they don't truly integrate as one would expect. Power Automate is based on dynamic content. Now however Microsoft implemented a one-way dynamic content: from Power Automate to the downside flow. Why not incoming dynamic content to the Power Query step?

Furthermore: why is the Power Query connector limited to only SQL server??? Power Apps, Power BI, all support Power Query online with all the data sources one would except from Power Query.