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Add ability to send calendar invites to attendees

Add the ability to be able to send calendar invites to attendees either from a set list or dynamically.


Example that comes to mind is having a SharePoint sign up list and wanting those who have signed to receive a calendar invitation with details on what they have signed up for.  

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That's a geat idea. I also need a solution to invite users about mailinglist for example.

We have entries in sharepoint lists and I would create an invitation to an mailing list.


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Glad this was on here.  I'm just working on a sign-up list using SharePoint.  I'd like to be able to send a calendar invite based on the scheduled time to the user, but don't currently see a way to make this happen.

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We certainly need this. I want to use Forms to register people for a Users Group meeting. I'd like to be able to use flow to send them an invitation to the calendar event. I need to have that calendar event be Skype for Business enables as well.

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I'm working with Forms to create webinar registrations, and it would be great to have a flow that would allow me to automatically send a meeting invitation to new registrants.


You can send new registrants emails, but meeting invites would be infinitely more useful. 

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This most certainly needs to be added. I'm just beginning to get up to speed with PAs and Flow. I can envision PowerApps used for a million scenarios needing some way to have this calendar functionality as a key step in an associated Flow. Seems trivial in terms of UX justification.


Why a complex and rich email can be created using Flow in response to a SharePoint PowerApps form, and yet a basic Outlook meeting invite can't be confusing. I thought I was just bad at using Bing to search for the "how". Please add this ability.