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Add all-day event to SharePoint Create item action

I have created a flow that creates a Sharepoint list item when an Outlook event has been created. My flow works fine unless the Outlook event is marked as an all-day event. For those events, the start and end times are changed to reflect UTC time, despite the fact that I have specified that I want the source time used. I have considered numerous workarounds for this issue, but so far each workaround seems to create another problem until I get to a point where I can't find a solution. Since my SharePoint list is using event columns, and includes a flag for an all-day event, it would be helpful if the SharePoint Create item action included a data element that corresponds to that flag and recognizes the Outlook dynamic content "Is all day event?."


Thank you for considering this idea as it would be extremely helpful to not have to try to figure out the right workarounds that would work for everyone in my organization.



Status: New