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Add an Action that will pop up a message and optional response on a SharePoint List or Library page

When creating a PowerAutomate script that will be integrated with a SharePoint 365 List or Library, it would be useful to be able to display flow messages instantly in the page right-hand side bar on a modern page, or as a pop-up message box floating over the page, instead of via a Notification or Email action.


The Action should have a mandatory message text, which may be constructed using literal text strings and/or dynamic data and/or expressions, and should also have the option to require a customizable user response, e.g. accept a designated input value and [Save], [Cancel] to terminate the interrupted action.  


If no explicit user response is required/specified to complete the PopUp action, then the message popup should have a default [Close | X] response that dismisses the box and its content from the page where it is displayed.


For all responses a standard [Response] dynamic variable should be created, showing the control button used to complete the popup action.  If a customized response value was saved, then this would be provided as a dynamic variable of that name.PopUp SharePoint Message Box-sml.png


This would be of immense value in providing error messages about data conditions existing in the selected item.

Status: New