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Add an Action to allow category to be set on an email

It would be great if there was a way to add categories to an email through Flow.  The scenario I'm thinking of would be emails from specific domains get flagged with a specific category to make it easy to add flags like "Top Customer" or "Important Partner" or "Personal" based on the domain or other criteria that could be set as part of the flow.

Status: Completed
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Categories should be useable as a changeable item, a condition, and a trigger to flows. 

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I need this like yesterday 🙂 - I am trying to sync email assignments using catetgories between two different email clients. and this would extremely helpful to keep synced. 

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There are other similar ideas to this flow idea; it adds more weight if people would stop creating their own "ideas" and add to the voices on existing similar ideas.


@Anonymous   can you provide links to the other ideas similar to this one so we can consolidate. 

This one is almost 2 years old so I'd be happy to look at others as when I created this one there were no others asking the same question.

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Really need this for internal and client flows

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I would like to be able to use email categories myself in Outlook.  Here goes my long-winded description of my wish list task.


This is what I need.  I have a flow that starts with the submittal of a form.  The form gets emailed to one of two email boxes depending on one of the answers in the form.  The email is signed by the form respondent.  The data and instructions from the form are in the email and it is sent to the shared email box.  There are actually multiple forms that do similar things that go to multiple shared mailboxes.  I have common data in all these forms in separate flows, with all the common Data flowing into a list in SharePoint.  This list we use for high-level analysis.  The common data is compiled from all of the forms and analyzed from the data in one list.  It works out to 20 forms 7 shared mailboxes in 13 different flows all with one common shared email (i.e. if this answer, send to the "shared mailbox B" if anything else, send to the "shared mailbox A").  What is missing is we use the Catagories in Outlook to assign the task from the form to an individual analyst.  Each category/color points to an analyst doing the work.  Some of these analysts monitor several mailboxes.  The categories are names/colors for assigning purposes.  What I want is to have the flow do as it does, but once the email arrives in the "shared email box" and the category is manually assigned by an analyst, that category assigning triggers a reply email to the form respondent i.e. saying Bob S ("catagory/blue = Bob S") has been assigned this task.  If you have any questions or wish to check status reach out to Bob S ("category/blue = Bob S") Directly.  I want that name from the category selection to trigger a flow to the same Sharepoint list with the date and time and have the category assigned name to be added to the list.  The purpose of the list is to check who sent the request and which customer requested it and at what time.  Who was assigned to the request and at what time?  (This is for setting expectations and SLA accuracy). Eventually, I want the list with who and for what to be sent to SalesForce Task Lists so my team doesn't have to double enter a task in Salesforce.  Without the categories, I have no idea who has picked up the task except to do it manually and I don't want to do that.

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@BarnabyJ check out the idea below, on a similar theme but the 'other way around' and slightly less votes 😉:


Trigger: E-Mail Category change


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It would be great if this can be solved soon!

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in fact you can assign categories to messages right now.


Have a look at  SetSensitivity  flow that changes message sensitivity from "private" to "normal".

Use a similar approach to assign a category.



Victor Ivanidze

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This way you can assign a category:




Visit to download a template.