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Add an Action to allow category to be set on an email

It would be great if there was a way to add categories to an email through Flow.  The scenario I'm thinking of would be emails from specific domains get flagged with a specific category to make it easy to add flags like "Top Customer" or "Important Partner" or "Personal" based on the domain or other criteria that could be set as part of the flow.

Status: New
New Member

That would be very useful for me. We have a sharedmailbox where everyone in my group uses a color/category for him/herself to tag the mails when they are taking care of that. I would use this feature to automatically mark/categorize outgoing mails or incoming mails from well-known sources. THis would automate around 30% of the repetitive work of constantly reviewing the mailbox and categorizing/marking as read.

New Member

This has been dwelling for 3 years now, and it is still tagged as "new", not even under review. This is absolutely basic feature that should be integrated into flow. Please Microsoft team, get this implemented, there's a lot of potential!

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This would be very useful for me as we use category color flags to determine who is working on a task in our shared mailbox.  The tasks come in using MS forms and then we use flow to push out to a particular shared mailbox depending on the answers in the form.  To be able to use a catagory flag for who is assigned to a task to trigger an auto email in flow telling the requstor who is assigned once a flag is placed on that task in a shared mailbox is totally impactful to my teams workflow.  I have been waiting for over a year.