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Add an ability to check if property exists in an object

It seems that MS Flow has no ability to properly check if an object exists.


Let's have an example with an out-of-the-box Approval action:



If an approver does not leave a comment and simply approvers or rejects - our code that tries to read the comments will fail.


Worarounds that do not work:

  1. Using condition step with `empty(body('Start_Approval')['comments'])` Because it will still fail
  2. using equals null: equals(body('Start_Approval')['comments'], null) This will also faild
  3. using contains function: `if(contains(body('Start_single_approval'), '"comments": '), body('Start_single_approval')['comments'] ,'')` - Because word "comments" can appear in different properties and overall it's a bad practice

Terrible workardound:

- Using Try-catch-finally scopes 


Please, implement a proper function that will check if property of an object exists. Example:





More info about the issue is here

Status: New
Advocate I
if(empty(body('ApprovalByAnyDirector')?['comments']), 'None', body('ApprovalByAnyDirector')?['comments'])


This does the trick. Notice the question mark.

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Thank you very much! (for posting and coming up with the ? solution)

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I know this is old but I ran into this issue today and found this thread. If you can accept a null value as an output and proceed with the flow you only need to add the ? to silently continue and accept that there is a non-existing property and get a null value in return 


Example in a compose:

body('Start_Approval')['comments'] (not working if comments are missing)

body('Start_Approval')?['comments'] (the compose will be empty if the comments are missing)

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A "type Of" property could come in handy.

For when the schema of the network response might vary, like in APIs that handle data requests with authentication

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The ? workaround doesn't work if the JSON doesn't contain a root object but an array