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Add an action to Update single column in list item

Idea: Add an action to update single column in list item. For example Status without need to update all other columns in the list.


Business Justification: As of now 9/14/2018 1pm EST, if I have a list with 20 columns and only one column needs to be updated say Status. I need to add "Update item" action and set all 20 columns.

If my status column has 5 possible values, I need to create 5 "Update item" actions and set 5 * 20  = 100 columns.

If this appears doable try 10 possible status and list with 100 columns 10 * 100 = 1000 columns.

This is inefficient and error prone.

If I forget to set a column or set an incorrect value, the production data entered by user will get overwritten by flow.


Benefits: By adding an action to update single column in list item both design and execution time will be greatly reduced. 


More info: Let's say I have a training request form and the status is New request, Manager approval required, Manger approved, Manager rejected, Senior Manager approval required, Approved by Senior Manager, Rejected by Senior Manager, Training in progress, Training Completed, Canceled etc.

Now for every possible status either the user has to update the list item manually or flow designer must add "Update item" steps and change 'Status' column value. And because this action will show all the columns on the training list they must be updated too.

It will be great to only select an action "Update column", Select Status, Set changed status value.

Even better if the actions can be copied and then edited, it will save even more time. (Another idea)

Status: New