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Add an action to send a message to individual(s) in Microsoft Teams

We're using Microsoft Teams for both group and individual interaction, replacing Slack.

Flow allows for triggers to send a message to a Teams channel or group, but not to individuals.

Please add the option to trigger flows for Teams Chat (with ability to select one or more people to send chat message to).

Status: New
New Member

Would really like this feature as well, thanks.

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This feature (equivalent to Skype for Business IM) would be super useful!

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This feature is much needed, specially because in our case teams are more prone to interact in chats not channels, so that's where you want to automate sending messages or remainders for meetings etc. 

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Sending a remainder / notifications to individual required than email as am doing now.

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I would like this feature

Helper III

In a world where we get hundreds of emails, being able to send a chat message to an individual as a notification that as part of a Flow would be game-changing!!  The emails require being sent from an authorized email address - the question would be 'who' is the chat from?  

Options that would be nice:
Place the name of a FLOW

Flow creator

input a chat address where the creator is one of the owners