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Add an 'invite to meeting' connection for Outlook

My shared mailbox receives emails when a new user has been created in ProjectWise. 

I've as a result, created a Flow that takes the user's name and email and sends them a 'Send email with options' list of available training dates for them to choose one. 


Since there is no 'Invite to meeting' option, I've just set up an email that tells us which session they chose, we then add them to the meeting manually. 


I'd like this part to also be automated within Flow but to do so, requires an 'Invite to meeting' connector.

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Without an Invite to Meeting action for Outlook 365, I have to first 'Get Event V3' then use 'Update Event V4'. This requires including all of the options from the Get Event variables, otherwise it will blank them out... like removing all other required attendees and replacing with the one you're adding... if you don't also include the current required attendees from the Get Event. Same with resources, start and end times (which returns to UTC from the Get Event, so the Update Event needs to be UTC). Even when you pull all these values into the Update Event, it will send everyone an update when all I changed was adding a person. So much complexity for simply add a person to an event. Please add.

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agree we need an action that allows for sending a meeting invite to a user to allow them to respond accept/tentative/decline