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Add an option for permanent deletion to the SP Delete Item action

High Level:

Please add a parameter to the SharePoint Delete Item action that will allow the Flow author to specify whether the Delete Action should be permanent or should send the item to the recycle bin (assuming it is active on the site).  It presently supports only the option to recycle.



From a review of past posts, it appears that the SP Delete Item action may have previously defaulted to permanent deletion (no recycle bin).  However, several users posted requests asking that the action follow the site's recycle bin process.  I have a list that sees many (100+) additions and deletions on a daily basis as a part of an automated process.  There is no reason to recycle the deletions, and they simply flood the site's recycle bins making it very difficult for users to find important files or list items that may have been accidentally deleted and need to be recovered. I really wish that SharePoint Lists had a setting where the list designer could choose whether items should use the recycle bin or not.  But, in the absence of such, adding the option to a the Delete Item Flow action would be a work around.  Instead of having the MS Access driven automation process delete the items, I could simply set a deletion flag on the record and have an MS Flow Delete Item Action run to delete the items permanently.


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We have a very similar use case in my organisation; there are a series of triggers stored in a separate list which are being deleted on successful completion but this has crowded site recycle bins making it difficult to filter out relevant, missing records.


I have seen the option to do this via HTTP action and REST but feels like there should be an option in the native delete function to either permanenetly delete, or just push to recycle bin.


HTTP also requires additional licensing from Feb-19 so won't fit for all organisations.