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Add an option on the Populate a Microsoft Word template to return as a PDF.

Currently all word documents created from the Populate a Microsoft Word template action always return as a word document as a binary file.  I don't think I am alone in my desire to see the created word document be converted into a PDF so that it can be (emailed out, attached to a list etc).


As it stands the current process of emailing a document you do not need to store to SharePoint/OneDrive consists of:

1)  Creating the template

2)  Converting that file via Convert Word Document to PDF or its OneDrive action equivalent. 

3)  Deleting the word document from 1)

While this shouldn't be an issue, there is currently a bug that sometimes prevents the Convert Word Document to PDF / OneDrive action from being able to access the newly saved file.  And its nearly impossible on flow itself to handle this issue.  Not to mention the tedious overhead of deleting the word doc from step 1).


While I don't really mind this, there seems to be some major issues where using the Convert Word Document to PDF / OneDrive equivalent action where newly created documents cannot be found either by id or by path that, from my testing, just seems to be wholly dependent on back-end issues.

If you already have the permissions/accessibility to use the Populate a Microsoft Word template  then why not have the handling of the Create PDF portion be handled in the same action?  So what I am thinking is a convert-to drop down field on the action  where you can choose between Docx or PDF.   Since the return object is a binary, there shouldn't be any issues in terms of how it functions in flow.

Heck at the very least perhaps allow Convert Word Document to PDF to be given the binary file provided by Populate a Microsoft Word template so that we don't need to handle the save/delete functionality and hope that the back-end is working.

Status: New