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Add attachment in FLOW Approval notification

There should be provision to add file as attachment in FLOW approval action notifiction.

Mostly approver would like to see all the content including attachments in the mail itself and just approve/reject from same place. FLOW approval action does some part of it but no way to attach file to it. It would be really great if we can attach file in Approval notification.FLOWApprovalAttachment.PNG


Status: New
Regular Visitor

If file as an attachment is provided in the approval notification then the dependency on send an email will reduce. Also body of approval notification should rendered HTML because MARKDOWN does not have the capability as HTML

Advocate I

Totally agreed. An approver should not have to go into a separate website to see attachments. The whole idea should be to provide an approver a single point to make a decision. Also, most senior level executives will not want to sit there logging into Sharepoint.

Regular Visitor

I'm looking for a solution where the actor receiving the email could attach a file in the mail itself and then click submit, and then flow could upload this file to the sharepoint entry that triggered the flow. Smiley Wink

Regular Visitor

in general we need the ability to Send an attachment in an email. this is baseline functionality--why is it not enabled??