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Add attachment to task in Planner

I miss the ability to add attachments to a task in Planner.


I've got a working flow for creating Planner tasks from e-mail, but any attachments are missed.

Status: New
Level: Powered On

We use tasks as an internal support system. Some of the emails that trigger a task creation contain attachments, so it would be mega useful for us too

Level: Powered On

Why wouldn't this be a core action in flow with Planner? You could use the function ChecklistItemcount > 0 and then just reference the data pool for the checklist and format accordingly.......i think that this fix is very possible just need a little TLC from the devs on Flow

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I really want them to be able to attach more links/attachments to the tasks they are completing (20 instead of stopping at 9)

Level: Power Up

This is desperately needed for us too. We are trying to move to managing everything in 365 but without this, Jira stays.

Level: Powered On

Need this