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Add attachments to calendar events

It would be great if the "create calendar event" or "update calendar event" actions would have the option to add an attachement to the calendar event. For example every day the meeting agenda is sent as a PDF and could automatically be added to the meeting event in the calendar. 

Status: New
Advocate II

I agree - the Outlook actions for "Create Event" and "Update Event" needs the same attachment functionality that the "Send Email" action has

Helper I

Can some one please update what is the status of this idea? is it available now?

it seems it's been an year this idea is proposed.


New Member

This would be really helpful to helping our systems! We use the calendar quite a lot for bookings of events etc and store the relevant files in the event! 


I agree too that this will be exceptionally helpful. Any updates on whether this feature will be implemented moving forward?

Regular Visitor

Would be great to receive the attachments to save them in SharePoint!