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Add extended Planner task labels to connectors



Unsure if this should be posted somewhere else, I apologise in that case.
Tried the search function but did not come up with anything exactly like this

There was an update to Planner on 24th of January (I would even call it a sneaky ninja update) and Planner now supports 25 task labels. Even though this might sound like a small change it actually helps a lot in some cases.

When you create or update a task from power automate however, regardless of which type of connector you use (normal, preview, v2 etc), neither of these have the option for the 25 task labels. Only the 6 original ones (pink, red, yellow, green, blue, purple) are available

Is there any ETA when this will be available?







Status: New
New Member

I have users asking for the same enhancement. Any information would be appreciated.