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Add flows activity of Shared Flows and Flows created inside Solutions to Cloud flow activity



There is no flow activity for:

  • Shared Flows (You not being the owner)
  • Flows created inside the Solutions menu

In the Cloud flow activity menu under Monitor.


Maybe adding it will give more insights to all your organization flows and pinpoint errors more accurately, because currently, the only way is to view each flow activity from inside each flow.

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As a consultant I will typically be the initial owner of a flow and then I add several co-owners, in order for the customer to track any errors, themselves. I was really surprised, when I only recently realized, that they cannot see anything at all in their cloud activity page.

Advocate I

This functionality is a major necessity in order for a team of people to support cloud flows. Currently trying to think of a janky solution so that monitor functionality is available to a team. Perhaps we could all develop flows as one user by running a browser instance as one user? This is not desirable.

Helper I

This is especially confusing if using 'Solutions' to 'promote' code from one environment to another.  In the higher environment all of the cloud flows are contained within Solutions sub-folders.  The only way to see/access the cloud flows that exist in that environment is to go to the 'Default Solution' folder under Solutions, then filter by Type 'Cloud Flow'.  This is a fairly significant shortcoming that practically renders the multiple environments and 'Solutions' functionality useless.  I can't imagine attempting to manage any sort of significant enterprise level automation without this capability.

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Same problem here. I need every owner of a flow to see the "cloud flow activity" and more importantly, receive notifications when a flow fails. This is a major flaw in the system; PowerAutomate pretends to have multiple owners of a flow, but in reality the original owner is the only real one, and can never be changed.


At the very least there should be a way to change the "real" owner, but the proper way to do it is to make sure that all owners are created equal.


This is posted as an "idea", but personally I think this is egregious enough to file a bug report. This is supposed to work.

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I develop all our Power Automate flows and share them selected staff to provide support when I am on leave. I am shocked that these other users CANNOT see the Cloud Activity for the shared flows. I need them to be able to view activity and in particular identify any FAILURES so they can triage. THIS NEEDS TO BE FIXED!!!!