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Add from field to send email action

Can you bring back the send as function to the send and email action please? We're trying to sell unified groups to the business as the only grou they need, but they can't send emails from flow as the group email address. This is really annoying as it used to be available in V1 

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Please bring back the functionality to send from a particular user and the  Is HTML? YES/NO

Helper I

So, you've removed the V1 version of "Send an email" action which kind of makes sense since it was bugged; unfortunately, the replacement (V2) is simply unusable since it's missing one of the most important features of V1 - it does not have the option to insert the results (e.g., Kusto) into the body. This totally sucks and makes Flow unusable.


Please bring the V1 back.

Helper I

Agreed!  We use the "Send As" functionality regularly.  This should not have been deprecated if such important functionality wasn't being replaced.

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Over 75% of our logic apps that send an email do so using a service account with send-as permissions to the appropriate mailbox.  It is not feasible to expect our admins to sign in to each respective mailbox multiple times throughout a logic app just to be able to send as that mailbox.  As it stands, we can't update any of our logic apps because you've removed V1 and if we remove an email step using V1, we won't be able to get it back.  Please bring back send-as function!

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Microsoft, any response?

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Please bring the "From" field functionality back to "Send an Email" action. You even removed the functionality from the "Send an email from a shared mailbox" action - but why? What is the purpose of sending an email using a "shared mailbox" if you can't set it up anywhere?

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Any news ?