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Add functionality for Power Automate / Flow to generate a DRAFT Outlook email, rather than sending emails immediately

It would be helpful to be able to review the draft email, instead of it sending immediately. Also this would presumably allow the user's Outlook signature to be added to the email. 

Status: New
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exactly this is very stupid, because signatures with company logo is not included in this flows, and that tiny interface is extreme annoying to type and format a email acording all etiquete conditions.. i need a flow that could generate an email draft from excel emails datasheet also with option to attach various files.. now its just extreme complicated, and just manualy sending emails is faster than trying to figure out those "no-flowsense" things...  and im a person with IT background and this is super complicated for me even..  want some bugs ? try to have several microsoft accounts 🙂 and use different flows with different accounts... its basicaly immposible cause accounts just randomly take over each  other 😄 and flows stay disabled 

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@pois Exactly - Flow/Power Automate seems to have a while to go before it is efficient to use

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