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Add horizontal scroll bar when working with wide flows

UPDATE:- This appears to be happending intermittently. Sometimes the horizontal scroll bar will appear when required, other times not. 


I am currently working on a flow with a few CASE and CONDITION statements. This results in a very horizontally 'wide' flow. There is no horizontal scroll bar showing in my browser (Chrome) making it hard to navigate around the flow. I can successfully scroll horizontally using the arrow keys. 


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We recently made a change to work better with wider flows:

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Yes! I have the same issue when in Chrome or IE. I have to resize the screen a few times and then I can get the bar to show up.

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I would love to see a more "small-screen" friendly solution for this. Maybe it would be much better to not make Flows wide at all. I wouldn't mind to click on a icon (left / reft arrow) to switch between conditions (if yes / if no) or between cases in a switch case. That would make it much "small-screen" friendly and I think not a lot of people will mind...

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@Ben_Love @BridgetZ Good point! I am also experiencing this intermitent behaviour when in Edge: sometimes the scroll is available, sometimes it isn't.

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Agreed, this kinda sucks. Doesn't scale if you maximize your window so you have to stretch it all out of proportion.

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I found the solution. I am using Waterfox (Firefox). If you scroll to the bottom of the page using browsers vertical scroll bar, then a horizontal scroll bar appears at the bottom. Use to move horizontally and then start moving up again. The horizontal scroll bar dissapears when you start moving up. Kind of a painful method of scrolling, but it works.
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@jk2017 thank you, That solution also works in IE 11

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That solution works in Chrome as well, but it is annoying to have to scroll to the bottom of the page every time I want to scroll horizontally. Can we update the screen so the horizontal scroll bar stays visible?

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I would like to have a quick implementation

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I have found that if you scroll completely down to the bottom of the flow, the scroll bar appears. You have to scroll down to the complete bottom of the flow, not the bottom of the action box you are currently editing.

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Agreed, this is crucial, it's SUCH a pain to work with complex flows, in edge I have to scroll to the very bottom to be able to scroll horizontally, takes me at LEAST 3x as long once I have to do that, because every single item I have to scroll all the way to the bottom for, they definitely need to improve the performance when you're modifying the flow, I would think an actual flow APP would be REALLY nice.