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Add planner to start a flow

i need to start a flow with a task add to planner, i need task name, due date, and for who. After i want to create a event on calendar to remember that you must do this today.




P.S. sorry for my poor english 😉

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I would like to connect planner with the office 365 calendar so that when a task has a starting and due date (or only a due date) it appears in the office 365 related calendar.


It would also be great if an office 365 task could also be created.

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If you're talking about Microsoft Planner, there is already a Flow action to create a new task.



Edit: Never mind. I didn't read carefully. You want Planner as a trigger, not an action.

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i've seen the planner flow but it can't be use for start a flow, the planner object must be use in a second time, you don't have object to initiate a flow with planner

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Two other suggestions for this already exist - with a significant # of votes:  (This one was marked "Under Review" by Microsoft)