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Add several new functions

There are so many missing functions which should be added. Just take a look at functions available in Excel for starters. Functions that work on ranges should work on collections or arrays.


Math:sin,cos,tan (and all their derivative) ,abs,sum (across a field in a collection or object), sumif, sumproduct, avg, count, round, countif,countblank,countifs,max,maxif

String: instr, left,right,proper,rept

Conditional logic: ifs,iferror,ifna

Financial:accrint, npv..


The list is so huge, see



Status: New


We do support the range functions through Office Scripts. You can set formulas, set values, re-calc, get values, get text, read formulas, etc. 


See the screen shot below. 


Checkout these resources to see how to use Office Scripts in Power Automate. 

Step-by-step videos and source code + PA flows:

Official site: