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Add sites used in other SP activities to list of recent sites in SharePoint activities

Hi! I'm heavily using SP activities and most of the times I do not see the site I'm working on in the "sites" dropdown. I need to paste the URL every time I use it. It would be good if I start building a flow from SP library then site I have launched Flow from would be the first one on the site picker in SP activities. Also, if I have used a site already in a SP activity in given flow, this site should be added to the SP site picker for all other SP activities in this Flow.

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Can you help me with this? :::
How can I do this in Flow:
When I finish an facebook live video, automatically upload it to YouTube.


Actually, I do this: download each video from facebook and then I upload it to YouTube. But, I make 2 live video transmissiones a day from facebook.


My facebook is:
My Youtube is:

Hope there is a soluthion with a Flow. Thanks.