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More Integration : WordPress, FaceBook and


[Moderator's note] Since we already have WordPress and Facebook, I'm clarifying this is just tracking

Status: Declined

We are no longer planning to build this connector as is being retired. please read more about this announcement here:

Power Automate Staff

Thanks for the suggestion! We actually already have Facebook, you can see some examples here: 

Level: Powered On seems like a no brainer since it's a Microsoft based service; actually surprised it's not already in the mix.

Level: Powered On

Is there any work ongoing to get a connector in place for  It would seem a natural fit since this is a Microsoft product and is very similar to box, dropbox which already have connectors present.

Level: Power Up

Would be great to be able to generate wordpress pages based on events in Flow

Level: Power Up



I also was looking for a connector to a Facebook site, rather than the own timeline! (both directions!)

But unfortunatelly I just find a template where I cannot configure a "page", even if it is mandatory...?!


Bug or not released?