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Add support for OAuth2 Client Credentials auth flow in Custom Connectors Security

Not much more to add to the title. Currently in the security section of a custom connector you can select a "Generic OAuth2" type, which is in fact a particular flavour of OAuth2, Authorization Code Grant. It would be great if support for OAuth2 Client Credentials flow could be added.

Status: New
New Member

Yes, please do this! It is basically forcing some people to use clientIDs and client secrets (!) in HTTP Flow actions in order to get that token. Maybe it was a design decision in the beginning as Power Platform was new and lets face it you cannot implement it all at once. But now it is really time to do this, it simply forces bad security practices.

Just two examples of people asking about this or simply coming up with workarounds:

PowerApps Thread 1 

PowerApps Thread 2 


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Agreed, this is preventing us from connecting to a couple of REST APIs that would be great to have access to in Power Automate.

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This seems like a very simple request that is long overdue. Why offer OAuth 2 Auth Code grant flow without also allowing client credential flow?

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I need this desperately. We have a customer we are trying to integrate into our platform using power automate,. I'm in the process of developing a custom connector but this is a bit of a show stopper. 😞

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HUGE disadvantage here! Third Party API that has 350 out of the box connectors, many of which Microsoft does not offer. However, unable to use Microsoft Powerapps as a UI due to the inability to use OAuth due to invalid Grant Type. 
So frustrating 😞 

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Long overdue! This is critical to allow applications to access data users otherwise could not access.

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We really need this feature as soon as possible. Many applications are being dismissed for not having this Client credential flow.