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Add support for passing Cookies between HTTP Actions

The REST API that I'm using allows me to authenticate with an HTTP action, but it returns a cookie that then needs to get passed to the next HTTP action if I want to actually do anything with the REST API.


It was working by passing the HTTP Headers Outputs from the first HTTP action to the HTTP Headers Inputs of the second HTTP action. But now something changed in Flow to break it.


I guess what is really needed is official support of cookies between HTTP Actions in Flow so we could pass "state" between two separate REST API calls and this scenario would be supported.


Here is a discussion thread on the specific scenario that I'm working with (click here).

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I think that this Azure Logic Apps request is related (click here). Maybe Azure Logic Apps needs to add the feature before Flow can leverage it?

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I'm having the same issue in Flow with an API. In postman it works, in my PHP code it didn't until I added cookie support, in Flow, despite adding the cookie line to my code, it fails and returns a different ID, as if it didn't know who I was despite the cookie reference.

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Any one managed to get an update on this? I was only trying to download file off a server but the server responses with set cookies that needs to be passed on. I am trying to get this and pass to the next HTTP get action but it doesn't work.