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Add the From field on the action “Send Approval email”

Add the From field on the action “Send Approval email” like the "Send email" Action

Status: Completed

You can now customize who the Approval appears from - read more here:

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Not that I know of, im hoping they are planning for this in their backlog though! 

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As you can see from the post below this issue has been ongoing for quite awhile. This issue needs a soluition, not a work around. Will this issue be addressed soon?


My organization will not use Flow until it is.


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Re: Flows that send email

I hear what you are saying about security reasons, but i think MS is missing the point here.  


We as admins setting up Flows would like the capability of configuring the system so that our organizational users are able start Flows and notifications sent from the system are sent as a system user (i.e.  This is was feasible in the old Workflow system.  


What if I wanted to create a workflow that, in case someone replied to the email they shouldn't reply to, would send an email to so I, the admin, get the reply?


Us admin peoples should be able to define whether the sender of that email is the creator of the document/item or a system user."


Just a thought...

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Thank you for listening to community feedback and putting this into production! While this is being worked on, could owners of MS Groups be granted permissions to send on behalf of the group? IE: I'm trying to send an email to and listing that same email address as the sender within the From field, but am getting the same "You are not authorized to send mail on behalf of the specified sending account" message.  Seems like this should be well within the realms of reasonable security as well as ability for MS backend to verify.



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@Chimosh - Best to create a shared mailbox (unlicensed), add the flow owners as members of this shared mailbox which will allow them to specify the email address in the from field of the send email action

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No. Approval flow doesnt allow you to change who the approvals come from, which is what people are asking for. It takes the users account that created the flow to send the email.

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My solution was to create a Group with a No-Reply name, The only issue with this is that unless I grant access to everyone, which dosn't seem the smartest of plans, I'd need to add anyone who creates a Flow to the group to use the address. It would be nice if the group email box can see that the request is coming from Flow with an authenticated user and permits it to pass through.Instead of the need to maintain this box for all users who arthor a workflow.

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How far away is this feature? I see that it is planned, it's really necessary. The ability for a the creator of a flow to allow approval request notifications to come from something like 'Leave Approvals (hrapprovals @' rather than the hardcoded 'Microsoft Flow (maccount @' is a big ticket item for some of my clients!


From this:




To this:


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Status changed to: Started
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Hi @Stephen,


Thanks for this!  Would this change also mean that the "Email requester" link from the ellipsis on the "Received requests" page (see below) would also default to sending to the nominated person, rather than the person who last saved the Flow?






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@tism - yeah, that's correct. Thanks!