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Add the From field on the action “Send Approval email”

Add the From field on the action “Send Approval email” like the "Send email" Action

Status: Completed

You can now customize who the Approval appears from - read more here:

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I found that avoiding the "Approval" proccess is the path of less resistance and instead use the Send email with options.  


its much more elegant than the Approval 

it does not send your users to the flow web page

the email can be formated with HTML

beyond the standard Approve/Reject options you can add a 3rd, 4th, etc..


Advocate IV

@chico and @Anonymous Would you be able to share a screenshot of what your flows look like? This is the first I have heard that you can do the "run as" option. And I would like to see how you add an approval option to the "send email". Thank you!

Advocate III

when sending an email with options, the default is that it will send from the owners account. The owner of the Flow... So its not really a solution to the orginal issue that started this thread...


But for other times when you have no issue sending an email from the owner of the Flow, 

the send email with options is awesome!!


just be sure to follow it with a Condition;

Selected Option -- is equal to --- Approve ---

if yes then do xyz

if no then do yxz

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Update:  It's working.


use an email address in the Requestor Field.  



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Adding the Requested by field does nothing about the actual FROM-SENDER:
which is Microsoft Flow <>


Folks have been asking for a simple FROM field to address this for quite some time.

It seems like approvals should have this by default as it is a very basic and necessary item.

These are typically apps and emails internal to each of our organizations and the MS account will always appear as a Caution - EXTERNAL EMAIL warning in outlook.


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The Created by field in the email should be omitted. It is normally used in organizations and the do not want the name of the creator of the flow. Also, the translation of the Requested by field to Spanish is wrong. It is translated "Solicitado para" and it should be "Solicitado por". Also it would be a good idea if there is the posibility to write in the Requested by field a group email (Now it is only available for single user emails).


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@oussamazebar Since the "Created by" field still shows the owner of the Flow, even when the Requester is set as the item creator, this problem has not been resolved.

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I agree with @HC2019.  We need to ability to change the emails to not come from Microsoft Flow <>.  We tried to add a new connection in the approvals and simply receive: Failed to create connection for connection id '/providers/Microsoft.PowerApps/apis/shared_approvals/connections/shared-approvals-687BDD4F-CAAA-4C19-BB71-65E8DEBF4F36'. You have reached the maximum number of connections for the 'approvals' API.  


My company sees these emails as junk mail coming from Microsoft.

Advocate I

When using the template "Start approval when a new item is added" the requester field is not available.
Please add the field to this template (and any already created flows based on this template)


Also, please make it possible to change the from mail, as the maccount is also seen as spam in our organization. 



I am not sure how this solution / fix applies to a non-approval workflow.  For example: 

  1. User X creates and publishes the Flow
  2. User A adds / creates a new SharePoint item to the list
  3. An email is sent to User A Manager to review the item; the email is sent from the Flow author (User  X).

The issue occurs in step #3.  I'm not sure how the approval updates in the blog applies to the above example for a non-approval flow -- where we just need to send an email, from the person who created the item in SharePoint, to some random person for review.  There is no approval, therefore I dont understand why I need to configure the approval action in the flow, I wouldn't want User A Manager to be confused about something needs to be approved.

Can you clarify the solution for non-approval flows? And what if User X leaves the company, do the flows fail?