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Add the From field on the action “Send Approval email”

Add the From field on the action “Send Approval email” like the "Send email" Action

Status: Completed

You can now customize who the Approval appears from - read more here:

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Hi Team


I also have the similar requirement and posted it as an idea


Having this feature would help us to improve our approval flow and meet client's requirements.

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Hi Microsoft, is there an update for below?

Regular Visitor or makes sense as i am creating flows on behalf of the organization that is sending emails from my mial box which is not acceptable by the organization.

What happened to the sharepoint 2013 workflows that sends workflow emails from or etc..

Appreciated if this can be customized.

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I've worked around this issue by creating a and making myself the owner of that mailbox. I'm eagerly awaiting the functionality to choose sender.

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Hi cc_onetowatch


In which flow action you've used the email address created by you with

Would be really helpful if you share littile more information about your implementation.



Rakhi Jain

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This is a much needed feature for my approval flows as well.  Changing the "From (Send as)" field already exists when creating a regualer email in a Flow, I don't understand why this functionality wouldn't be applied to approval emails as well.  

Hopefully this gets some attention from the Microsoft team soon!

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Does Microsoft even see this feedback? Strange to me that there's no section for Flow in the User Voice forums.

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There is another piece to this -- the person sending the Approval request does not see the status under the "Sent Requests" section of the Approvals Center.


This is in addition to what other commenters have mentioned -- that the email generated by the Flow Approval says that the Approval request came from the user who created the Flow.


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The approval request used to be sent anonymously using the Microsoft Flow <> account, however the Approval is now sent on behalf of the connection (my) email address which means that my email address and profile picture appears on every modern approval?? How is this even necessary?? Approvers are not happy about this, it needs to be fixed immediately or I'm going to have to suspend all flows,