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Add the From field on the action “Send Approval email”

Add the From field on the action “Send Approval email” like the "Send email" Action

Status: Completed

You can now customize who the Approval appears from - read more here:

Level: Powered On

The from field used to be present on the send to email action. it is now gone and no longer functions.  

Level: Powered On

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Level: Powered On

Hi, can we get the From Field in Send Approval Email and Send Email with options, It would be very helpfull as I wouldnt have to send approval email under my address as it only confuses users - the fact that it is a automatic email and mixing my work emails with WF emails can be easily overlooked, especially when users have rules for their outlook mailboxes.



Level 8

Hi there,


It will be nice if a 'FROM' field would be available in the 'send approval email' as we have the option in send an email.


Ideally I need to have the email sent form a global email address account to approvers and not have it send from my email address



Level 8

Agreed, I also need this funtionality as don't want users receiving/replying to emails from me.