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Add the From field on the action “Send Approval email”

Add the From field on the action “Send Approval email” like the "Send email" Action

Status: Completed

You can now customize who the Approval appears from - read more here:

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It would be nice to have a response from Microsoft as the enhancement they applied clearly does not address the original issue.  My clients' staff are ignoring emails from as they think it is just spam from Microsoft - we need to be able to control the from field when approval emails are issued.  Microsoft, please at least acknowledge this and come back to us

Power Automate

You can do this already by disabling any notifications being sent when creating an approval, and creating your own notification mechanism for the approval - for instance an email from a Shared Mailbox account, an adaptive card in a Teams channel, or a custom visual on your web app Annotation 2019-11-11 131621.png

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True, although it would be nice to be able to send from an O365 group email as well when the SharePoint site where the items needing approval are is associated with a group.

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And we are talking citizen developers in the client site who just ant to use out-of-the-box features 


@Sunay-- thanks for sharing that new flow action that will allow us to send an email from a "shared mailbox".  I think the ask here is that if it's possible for the MS Flow product team to take this a step further, in particular for apps that already have a means to authenticate a person.   For example:

1. In SharePoint, when a user creates / adds / updates an item to a SharePoint list, Flow can be configured to send an email, from the person who created / modified the SharePoint item, to another person who needs to review and edit the item.


2. In Dynamics, when a user creates / adds / updates a record in an entity list, Flow can be configured to send an email, from the person who created / modified the record, to a manager / admin who needs to be informed to help manage permissions or perform some task.


3. In Teams, when a user posts an item / comment or uploads a new file, Flow can be configured to send an email, from the person who posted / commented, to a selected group of people outside of their team.


I used Microsoft app examples above, trying to communicate that from a business side -- this feature / action would provide us a convenient way to collaborate. 


Consider allowing the "From / sender" to be configured only for certain apps / tools in which the sender already has access / authority to read / write.  If Flow knows that the sender can read / write from Dynamics / SharePoint / SQL / etc..., then Flow can allow us to configure their email in the "From / sender"; otherwise we cannot configure their email.

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The actual problem is the sender email. It comes from Microsoft Flow not the actual requestor. 

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The update doesn't resolve the issue raised.


Although there is now a Requested By field in the body of the email. The email appears from Microsoft Flow <>. This is not ideal for business users and it would be good if it could be customized.




Power Automate

Allowing users to set the sender address opens up a security and phishing related threat vectors. 


Imagine you receive an Approval email that looks as if it came from your boss but in reality it was just someone using flows to get you to click on a button and they simply use the "Get Manager" action to make it look like your boss sent the approval email. 


Additionally, just because a user interacts with SharePoint, Teams, or Dynamics  doesn't necessarily mean they have consented to sending an email.

There are patterns to collect user consent and perform actions on behalf of them using a flow. You can achieve this by using any of the Product specific Instant triggers. 

Eg: For a selected item in a SharePoint list, or For a selected message in Teams. 


If you want to use the built in email service that comes with Approvals - the emails will always come from Microsoft. 

If you want the emails to come from any custom email address - you can follow the pattern I have responded with above. 




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"If you want to use the built in email service that comes with Approvals - the emails will always come from Microsoft."


@Sunay The customers want the approval From email to appear as workflowsystem@theircompany (I'm not sure I understand why it is a security issue). They are saying they will abandon using Power Automate as this is a show stopper for them in their corporate environment.


They need to use the Approve / Reject buttons directly in the Approval emails which is not available in custom O365 Outlook emails.


@rajpamamull I don't see the problem... @Sunay showed perfectly in his example how to send an approval from a shared mailbox. What keeps you back from doing that? You can create a shared mailbox called "" and send the approval from there. 


That way there is no showstopper at all for your customer.