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Add the From field on the action “Send Approval email”

Add the From field on the action “Send Approval email” like the "Send email" Action

Status: Completed

You can now customize who the Approval appears from - read more here:

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This is a must have for large organizations. I have a SharePoint list that people in other departments fill out and their boss is wondering why I am sending him emails. I have had to design a workflow in designer to avoid confusion.


I would love to be able to add more options to an approval mail. Not just "Approve" and "Reject", but also custom options. I can imagine it's already on your roadmap, but it would be handy for the community to see the status.


By the way: I love the actionable messages in Outlook! Really great addition!






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Same comment as BridgetZ.  I have people submitting project requests through a flow I created, and the email get sent from my email account.  I need this to be sent from a generic email account, not mine!


Strangely, the "Approved" and "Rejected" emails have a field labeled "From (Send As)."

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The "From" option should include whoever initiated the workflow so any replies go to the appropriate person.  An option for a SharePoint group would be OK too, but considering something simple like a PTO request, communication should only be between the requestor and the approver, not a group... much less the Flow author.

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@Anonymous... Not sure if you are for or against this idea, but not always should there be a reply... hence "do-not-reply."  The emails they are receiving may be just for notification purposes or to access a list item by way of a URL.  Flow needs to grant admins the capability of creating flows and making this determination.  Otherwise the system is ridgid and will only suffice under certain circumstances.

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@comSensLost I would definitely prefer "do-not-reply" over the Flow author's address.  It makes sense to me that a Flow connector would use the context of the person who actually initiates the Flow, not the author.  This is something that exist in other workflow tools.

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We are also having the same issue. We have an email that is updating a ticketing system, the ticketing system picks up the from address in the email, and instead of the name of the user who created the list item, its putting the name of the author of the


Flow in the From field of the email. Any updates or notification of the status of the ticket comes to the author instead of the user who had created the item. This is a big issue.



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It would be great to have the ability to specify the sender for Modern Approval emails.


Currently these approvals are sent from Microsoft Flow <>. Users who are not aware of this address will suspect that the email is either junk or spam, which could potentially cause them to delete or ignore the approval.





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Absolute must-have. It's ridiculous the person creating a flow is the sender of e-mails that he/she may have nothing to do with.

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When we create approval flow using MS flow "start an approval process" option to approve/ reject the request, "From" adress in approval emails by default is "Microsoft Flow <>".


I would suggest to add "From" field to this option, so that email can be sent from trusted source and users should be able to open the email considering it an Organizational email.


In our scenario, this requirement seems very important as user might not open emails coming from "Microsoft Flow <>".