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Add the From field on the action “Send Approval email”

Add the From field on the action “Send Approval email” like the "Send email" Action

Status: Completed

You can now customize who the Approval appears from - read more here:

Helper I

I am also having the same issue with "start an approval" any approval request is currenly showing "requested by "my name". There has to be a way to show the requested is made by the person submitting the request. 

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Hey team,

Wake up !!! When will you deploy these important changes ?

I can't believe that Microsoft is so bad to not take in account this.

But maybe I misled me. Smiley FrustratedSmiley Frustrated

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In Approvals, there must be an option to change the From address. I have almost 7 Flows in creation and all are stuck in this thing. I wanted to have a Created By email in the From address rather than the one who created the Flow.


Please raise this idea.




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Honestly, I am so surprised to see the sloness and noresponsive from such a bog companny. All of us deserve some update on this. Please let us know where this stands as of today. 


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This will be helpfull. Currently we are using service accounts to launch flows. It will be nice to use as from for example requestor of this approval in case of some request.


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Are there any updates on this issue? Any news on when the fix will be available?
Our company has the same problem, is there any alternative in the mean time that we can use? Maybe connecting a service account to the flow somehow?


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As a workaround we created a user called this works for us as the approval emails now come from that source so long as this user has a licence enabled. That is the downside. You need to pay for a licence.

Then any company flows that take place are created under this account. So emails flow from a better looking email address.

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Theh workaround of creating a user jsut for this case will not be easy in many company. For example, in my company they rejected this request. we need to get the fix from microsoft so that its going to be common accross all the users those who use this flow. 

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Is there any time frame on this? This is a critical piece to the approval process as a whole and is absolutely required to make this flow useful.  I see that it is "Planned" has work started? Q2? Any time frame would be greatly appreciated.