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Add the ability to restrict who can create Flows


The Office 365 plan has a total of 2,000 executions per month. For a company with 1,000+ users, this is very low, and if all users can create flows, this limit will be exceeded very fast.

Please add the ability for admin team to restrict who can create Flows.


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There are already 49 votes in the old uservoice website.

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The problem goes far beyond just using too many flows.  The data loss prevention policies are inadequate to prevent users from being able to use connections that you would not like them to use.


The power of flow is by no means matched by the ability to govern this area.


To give an example - if you would like your users to be able to use Flow approvals (which is good) you have to give them Flow and all that goes with it (which is bad). 


It's like saying to people that part of what they are paying for to go into a restaurant is the ability to cook the food themselves, but for the latter to happen they would need training, because commercial kitchens are dangerous places and I don't think the other diners would want you cooking their food.


This is so serious that it's highly likely that when the likes of internal audit start to come across this in due course they may have to take the view of shutting it down, or if it is caught at the start of the project shut it down preemptively.

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I think the inital request here is a bit flawed.  Flows runs are collated on an organisational basis.  The number of flows available across the tenant is number of users * 2000 so in an org of 1000 that would come to 2m flows.

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@rorybi - couldn't agree more. We have 5600+ users locked out of Flow and PowerApps because of this "feature." If we could grant Flow/PA creation to our Agile org (responsible for creating business apps no matter how simple/complex) and restrict everyone else to run-only, we'd be rolling these tools out company-wide. As is, we only have about 12 people with Flow and nobody has PowerApps. A shame to be missing out on these otherwise excellent tools :[   Surprised to see so few votes on this request - looking for other, similar requests. Too bad there's no aggregator for similar requests so we could all be on the same page re: popularity.

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As with creation restrictions, editing restrictions on MyFlow are also required.
When using the user's connector for the created Flow, it will be created in the user's My Flow.
Since you do not want to edit the created flow, editing restrictions are required.