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Add the "File Size" property to "Get File Properties" action

The "Get file properties" action retrieves many properties for a file stored in SharePoint, but "File Size" is missing!

This omission is crazy because there are quite a few other Power Automate actions that either fail or you don't want to run when a file exceeds a certain size.

And "File Size" is a core file property, just like "Created", "Modified", "Author" and "Editor" which are returned. You even return "VersionNumber" now. Why would you not have added "File Size" at the same time?

In theory you can read the contents of a file (using "Get file content") and then calculate File Content length, but this is one of the actions that fails over about 94MB.

Microsoft, please add "File Size" to the returned properties in the SharePoint "Get file properties" action!!! Do it now.

Status: New