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Add trigger when a Planner task is updated

Create a new trigger that allows you to do an action when a Planner task is updated (changed assigned user, comments, changed date, etc).

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New Member

Also for the change of bucket

Not applicable

Yes, Need this feature

New Member

It is impossible to track comments without this improvement. Please develop this.🙏 

Advocate I

It's Feb 2021 and I can't believe the only Planner Triggers are still "Task creates, task completed, task assigned". I have employees that want to use Planner and have workflows triggered when a task is updated and determine if approvals and notifications if needed, send updates other associated data in other systems, or validate and modify other info in the plan.

New Member

Please add this ASAP.  I've asked my team to comment on tasks to give the current status but I don't want to have to manually check tasks to see if there is any new information.