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Add user to SharePoint group

Need the ability to add a user to a SharePoint group.

This would be very useful in creating Flows for on-boarding users.


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It would also be handy for selectively displaying content based on group membership.

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Yes, this is a requirement in many scenario. We have a requirement like if the admin approves the list item, the the user has to be added to a SharePoint group. There is no such action in SharePoint Designer Workflows also.

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I  agree, this is a needed feature. And quite a common scenario in my opinion. In my case I would like to add user to or remove user from a SharePoint group based on context in my power app. Without this featuer we cannot automate this process, but have to send an email to an operator who will perform the same manually. Quite cumbersome.

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It would be very helpful to be able to create a flow that can periodically check for new users in a department, then add those users to a group on a sharepoint site.

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I realize this idea has been around and hasn't gotten too much attention, but as someone who has to deal with permission issues constantly, having a flow that I can run to just add users to a set of groups or channels would save me a ton of time.