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Add users to Outlook 365 distribution groups

The connectors to add users to Office 365 groups was recently added.  But that doesn't work for Outlook distribution list groups.

I'd like to be able to use flow to add users to a distribution group

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Hello  DamoBird365,


Ok, i see in your Link, that you use the Office 365 Group function. I tested it with the Azure AD

zlex_0-1637762977642.png add to Group function, but that still runs into an error!

I never testet it with the zlex_1-1637763091548.png  Office 365 Group functions because a distribution List Group is not an Office 365 Group. I will test it.

Greetings Z!



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Hi @zlex, Did it work for you with your test?

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FYI, I did just try this method that @DamoBird365 has and it did not work for me.


In his blog post, he does mention that there is a bug / feature now  

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The mail enabled security groups or distribution groups created from Microsoft 365 Admin Center

cannot be managed via Azure Portal. Owners of the group does not reflect in Azure portal. Hence when flows are run against such distribution group, the flow throws do not have privileges error.

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Is there a significant difference between creating a DL group and an O365 group? Technically, you can treat an 0365 group as a DL, right? With 0365, it would also make a Teams channel too. What would be the downfall of doing it that way? 

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Actually, I just discovered there is Dynamic Distribution List in the Exchange Admin that would help with my sanity. I know the original question was adding users from Flow / Automate to DL, but if you set the attributes that you want within the Dynamic DL, maybe you could adjust the flow / automate to match that attribute for the user? 

Example: adding Attribute column 1 to be "FTE" as in Full time employee, and you have that rule set in the Dynamic DL.. then your user will roll into that DL.