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Add users to Outlook 365 distribution groups

The connectors to add users to Office 365 groups was recently added.  But that doesn't work for Outlook distribution list groups.

I'd like to be able to use flow to add users to a distribution group

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Found this blog post that might be of interest or a good starting point for some people?!

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Any progression on this one?? Would be very useful for managing internal comms subscriptions.

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Would love to see this implemented too!

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I'm building an all in one flow to create new accounts, and everything was smooth and perfect until I ran into this issue. Agree with everyone on this thread, completely silly of Microsoft to not have this feature available.

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It sounds so simple to be able to use a flow to add users to a contact list I own. But, such an action has not implemented yet. Such a power automate action should be added asap, since it is inefficient to add contacts to a contact list one-by-one.

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This should be a no-brainer...must have

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Hi all,


I've just written a quick blog post about this requirement, it's actually already supported but maybe not so obvious.  You can lookup a Distribution List ID from Exchange Admin and simply use the Add Member to Group action.  For those that want to read up on this, take a look here


Please also take a look and subscribe to my YouTube Channel for more Power Platform ideas and concepts, thanks.

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Hello Damobird,


at the time this was written, and for some time after, your described function always caused an error. It was definitely not possible to add a user to a distribution group. It may be that Microsoft has changed that in the meantime. I haven't tested it yet, because I now administer my groups via the local AD and synchronize them to Azure. Locally everything works with Powershell!


Greetings Z!

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Yes this is a much needed feature.

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@bharatmishra it is now supported. Check out my post above.