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Add workflow related events as actions

It would be nice if Flow had actions that can move a project to the next stage/phase of the workflow based on the project submit event.

Basically add actions so that it is possible to create a working workflow in Flow and completly replace Sharepoint Designer.


This will also have the benefit of being able to add the already existing actions/triggers within Flow to the project workflow.

Status: New
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It would be great if we could do more with a API for Project Online, such as EPT selection.

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Not sure how much this ideal is being pushed...  It would be nice to see the SPD Workflow actions in Flow.  I have a request to find all SP list items that dont have a running 2010 workflow and to trigger the workflow so that it starts.  This is an option is 2013 designer workflows, It should be an option in Flows.  Now instead of creating a flow im digging up steps in 2013 designer to cover this action.