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Adding an Attachment to an Approval Email In Flow

You should be able to attach a document to an approval email using flow. 

Status: Started

We are now working on the functionality to attach files to Approval requests.

Frequent Visitor

I would also like to be notified when this feature is available.



New Member

I also need to add an attachment to an approval email.

Frequent Visitor

Any update on how to send attachments with flow approval emails?

Frequent Visitor

Using the link is not simply less convenient. The user to whom I wish to send the attachment does not necessarily have permission to view the original list item. It seems I can neither send her the attachment directly with the approval nor automatically share the item with her.

For other users: If you don't need the comments function, you can re-create the Approval with a Send Email With Options action.

New Member

Is this ever happening? It seems like this should have been added in the infancy stages of flow....attaching  what you are approving to the email requesting approval.... when is this going to be added? I've spent hours trying to implement workarounds in Flow and Approvals with no luck. 

Advocate I

I'd be very interested in this feature as well...

Super User II

@Sunay - is there any update on this by chance?

Power Automate

We have engineers working on enabling the functionality at this very moment!

Please stay tuned - your patience and feedback is appreciated.

Power Automate

I am the engineer activey working on this feature. All I can say is soon™

Super User II

Smiley LOL That's good to hear, @TCambs - thanks for letting us know!