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Adding an Attachment to an Approval Email In Flow

You should be able to attach a document to an approval email using flow. 

Status: Completed

This feature is completed - you can read more here:

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How can I make the each path as hyperlinks?


I have tried the example "[Link Text](Link URL)" from inside the step "Append to array variable" but it doesn't work.


Can you help me please?


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Hi @Anonymous ,


I am trying to create a holiday leave request form, as part of the form people may sometimes want to attach attachments- this goes through the approval method. Can anyone please assist me in doing this, i have tried multiple times and have had no successes.



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Hi all,

Following along here I couldn't get multiple attachments to work for an approval email. Using the expressions in the above posts, I got them to show in the email, but I got file corruption errors when trying to open them.  Eventually I tried with one attachment which worked and I used Peak Code to see what it was doing.

I saw this:



Changing my array to the following now works, I get the attachments in the approval email and the files work as expected. I've tested with word and excel files. Note that "GetAttachmentContent" corresponds to the name of your Get Attachment Content 


"value": {
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For some reason my attachment does not come as a link, what could be wrong.





@TCambs please assist or anyone who can 


Thank you

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Hello! Im wait some time, but problem with mutli attachments from emails - is exists!

How can i resolve it!?


Ok, i can forward to approve one attachment (thouch initialize element) , but if exists any attachments, does not work!  ((( am sayman.

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It appears you are trying to format a link through the approval details rather than using the separate Item Link/Item Link Description or Attachments parameters on the approval action in your flow. You can make hyperlinks work in approval details using markdown: Use markdown to format Power Automate approvals - Power Automate | Microsoft Docs but it won't show up as attached to the actionable email in Outlook like the actual attachments would; the same goes for item link parameter as well.


For others in the thread: Attachments don't work with links. The Attachments parameters require the display name of a file and the actual content of the file passed in. To "attach" a link you can use the markdown or the dedicated Item link/Item link Description parameters in the approval action in a flow. We are working on providing support for attaching multiple links and making the UX experience more consistent between "attached" links and file attachments.


A side note: In Dark Mode on OWA I noticed hyperlinks look like plain text so I've raised this issue with the Outlook team.

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Hi @TCambs and Stephen (Power Automate),


Is there any work is happening on this feature. That end user can attach a file via approval email in outlook and respond back, and we will be able to manage that out. 

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@Anonymous We currently have no plans to add attachments to an approval via a reply/forward email to the initial approval email after the approval has been created. The work done for this feature was originally adding attachments to the approval and having them show up in the approval email that gets sent out. With that said, anything can happen in the future.

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Status changed to: Completed

This feature is completed - you can read more here: