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Adding an Attachment to an Approval Email In Flow

You should be able to attach a document to an approval email using flow. 

Status: Started

We are now working on the functionality to attach files to Approval requests.

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Working for me today as well, great work @TCambs  thanks a lot.

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working in Canada! Thanks!

Helper IV

It worked for me . 


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Wondering if there is a limit to size of attachments with approvals - I have been trying to do this with eight 3MB attachments and am having the same issue. I have a business need to either:


1) be able to compress images/attachments when they are originally attached in PowerApps (doesn't currently work for Andriod phones)




2) be able to send large attachments in an approval and complete the flow


Currently, with the large attachments, the approver is able to receive the email for approval and access the attachments in Power Automate through a link and approve BUT the approval is stuck in the flow and will not move forward. 


Any thoughts/ideas?

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Yup. The limit to the size of attachments for approvals is 5MB. I just found this out today actually. Limit to size of send to email (v2) is 3MB. These limits are kind of ridiculous. 

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Hmm yeah just kind of interesting that it still goes through but can't complete the approval.


The size limit doesn't stop the approval from reaching the approver or stop the approver from approving, the approval just doesn't go through.


Any plans to fix this? 

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@TCambs  maybe you can provide some direction?

Helper IV

@Stephen  Is there any work around the size limitation ? 

Power Automate

Hey all,


We are currently working on an official announcement / documentation that got delayed by the Holidays. Regarding the attachments limits I can give insight to why as I did everything I could to allow the maximum size based on existing limitations in other systems:


In order to maximize the attachment size limit it's more complicated than one simple limit. It's actually three limits:
  1. Approvals backend service
    1. Combined attachment size (sum of all attachment sizes unencoded) is 50MB.
    2. We set this limit.
  2. Common Data Service
    1. Individual attachment size limit defaults to 5MB
    2. A CDS admin can change this by going into CDS -> Email Configuration settings -> Set file size limit for attachments
  3. The internal emailing service we use:
    1. Combined attachment size is 5MB
    2. If this limit is exceeded then attachments do not show up in the approval emails and instead an "attachments are too big" message shows up with a link to see them in the Approval center.

Everyone is most likely hitting the Common Data Service limit of 5MB which they should contact their admin to increase. Common Data Service allows the limit to be set to a maximum of ~132MB for an individual attachment.

Helper IV

@TCambs  Thank you for the explanation , it is helpful. 

Thank you again.